Information Activism

Someone told me to be the change I wanted to see in the world.

I took it to heart; spent many years letting the genuine pursuit take me on an adventure, but now my response to that person is that there is a big problem all genuine fact seekers are facing: The information highways are convoluted with corruption, manipulation, exploitation, inefficiencies, etc.

I hit so many walls in my endeavors to be an engaged citizen due to information problems of corruption in media, corporate disinformation campaigns, propaganda overload, plain old misinformation due to web 2.0 or just poor journalism. All of this can put overwhelming burdens of time in research on your shoulders, leaving you hardly able to come to a conclusion on a single issue... a myriad of new issues incoming daily...

More so, during that phase in my life I didn’t have a full time job and family, and I was able to spend entire days at the library. Nevertheless, each road had a dead end. It was all too big for even someone with my level of commitment.

I believe that information activism is one of the major callings of our lifetimes if we desire the world that we want to live in, democracy, to mitigate the ever-pushing tide of corruption, to take a stand for the exploited, to empower people to solve basic issues that otherwise boil over as genocides, to bring justice to those who think they’re untouchable as they smirk while looking down on us through the 114th story office suite window.

There are a lot of different ways I think we can all work together to bring people power to the problem of information. I have some blueprints in development for some non-profits I think can make positive change like raise the standard of information in media and on the internet, inspire the apathetic, create communities for those of us who see this as the most defining problem in democracy right now, empower those searching with the tools they'll need to be an information activist, and so on.

If you believe that this problem is one of the major callings of our lifetimes and would like to be kept informed about progress or even take part at some level from volunteering to being on payroll, subscribe to the email list below and let me know exactly how you want to play a role by getting in touch:

In the meantime, check out some of these organizations:


This project is a great idea and will do so much to help clean up the information highways.


Do you have some other organizations tackling this problem that you'd like to recommend? A book? Leads? Perspective? Your own project that you think should be featured here? Please let me know!