This is an important message to all the ...

This is an important message to all

- the uninformed shit talkers who sit on the sidelines doing nothing themselves

- the gossip queens spreading their community destroying viruses

- the cutthroat, conniving, corrupt business people that have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and such a large portion of my time in this life

- the mindless drones regurgitating and spewing false facts from mass media; they choose tribalism with their political party over even listening to their closest loved ones

- the power hungry profiteers that thought they could look me in the eyes and manipulate me with dollar signs

- the self proclaimed victims of this world that use that title to destroy the hearts and minds of others

- the hollow frauds who have become masters of feigning authenticity, of maintaining that beautiful lure of a smile as they drive their heal into the heart they ripped from my chest

- the cowards that will throw their own brothers under a moving train before taking responsibility for their mistakes

- the pathological liars no longer knowing what is real anymore who destroyed my ability to trust freely

- the false friends who stay close when there’s opportunity, but are so quick to abandon ship at the sight of an oncoming storm

- the wealthy and powerful who prey on the parkour community because they've spotted an opportunity to satisfy their greed no matter the cost to our beautiful discipline

- those who have seriously harmed my reputation in some circles with their venom and lies in order to bolster themselves or hide from their own wrongdoings

- to all who have seriously harmed me, emotionally scared me, torn down my ability to trust anyone, at times making me think killing myself was the better option, who have set fire to the things I’ve worked so hard to build, who then kicked me and scoffed at me when I didn’t think I’d have anything left to lift myself off the ground just one more time…

I love you. Thank you. I forgive you.

I would never have become the warrior I am without you.