Parkour Ukemi

Ukemi (pronounced ‘oo’-'keh’-'mee’ or \ü-‘ke-mē\) can be loosely translated in the context of Parkour as "the art of falling."

Parkour Ukemi is a project that studies falling techniques related to the scenarios one will find through the practice of Parkour and other hard surface movement arts. It is highly practical and may even be necessary to keep us safe as our discipline evolves in ways we cannot presently fathom.

This project will attempt to cover techniques, methods, and drills to make your practice stronger and more sustainable and further the Parkour community's progress in the practical study of Ukemi.

Failing is part of learning.

Let's strengthen our community by studying the inevitable.

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You can start learning one of the most basic ukemi techniques right now, the Parkour roll:

Good Examples for Study

Want to see Ukemi in action? Check out this playlist of short videos as good examples:


Check out this playlist of drills that will help you develop the muscle memory for better reactions:

Falls that didn't go so well

We can still learn from this playlist of falls that didn't turn out quite ideal: